22. 7. 2023


The harvest and olive oil production of 2022 and our dedication to producing the finest extra virgin olive oil and has resulted in a string of prestigious awards for our EVOO. Our commitment to quality and the use of traditional local olive varieties, such as buža, bianchera, rosignola, and carbonazza, combined with cutting-edge technology and modern ecological agricultural practices payed off.

Leone d’Oro: A Testament to Excellence

At the esteemed Leone d’Oro International Olive Oil Competition, three of our EVOOs – Romano, Organic and Atilio showcased their brilliance by advancing to the finals in various international categories. Remarkably, all three of them achieved outstanding scores of 95 points and above and our EVOO Atilio was crowned as the best international monovarietal extra virgin olive oil of the entire competition.

Sol d’Oro: Organic took the show

Organic captured the spotlight at the Sol d’Oro International Competition, securing the coveted Sol d’Argento silver award in the Organic category. This recognition emphasizes our commitment to organic practices and highlights the remarkable quality of this special blend.

NYIOOC: A Golden Legacy Continues with Ex Albis

The New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) again recognized our Ex Albis that received the prestigious Gold Award, marking the sixth consecutive year of success at this competition. 

Il Magnifico: Reaching the Pinnacle

Our Ex Albis achieved the highest possible grade of three stars at the renowned competition Il Magnifico. This is an exceptional recognition and we are happy that for five consecutive years we have the highest possible grade.Moreover, Ex Albis was crowned the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the North Adriatic area and ranked among the top six oils in all of Europe, cementing its status as a true gem in the industry.

Flos Olei: Three pints away from 100% 

Flos Olei, the prestigious global guide to extra virgin olive oils, awarded Chiavalon’s oils an outstanding score of 97 out of 100. We are present in this specialized guide since the 2006.

BIOL: Celebrating the Best of Istria

At the BIOL International Competition, our special EVOO blend Istra DOP achieved the coveted “extra gold” distinction, further solidifying its position as a truly exceptional blend of extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, Organic received also the esteemed “extra gold” recognition, affirming our commitment to producing outstanding organic oils.

AIPO: Triumphing in Multiple Categories

AIPO, the international regional association of olive oil producers claimed Organic blend with first place and awarded with the prestigious Gran Goccia d’Oro in the Biological category. Not only that, but our Organic was pronounced as the best extra virgin olive oil from Croatia. Furthermore, Istra DOP was a finalist and received the Goccia d’Oro recognition in the PDO-PGI category. Ex Albis won the Goccia d’Oro and Atilio Goccia d’Argento in the blend category.

In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to every member of the Chiavalon team for their unwavering dedication, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Their invaluable contributions and tireless efforts have played a pivotal role in our success.

We continue to be committed to striving for even greater heights in the coming year. Building upon the solid foundation laid by the Chiavalon team, we aim to continuously refine our processes, enhance our products, and exceed the expectations of our valued customers.