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Istria’s long
tradition of olive cultivation

Olive trees are one of the simbols of Istria since the times of the Roman Empire. For thousands of years the olive trees planted on the red Istrian soil, the stone walls and little stone houses around the groves have shaped the life of Istrian people.

Istrian’s rare terra rossa is characterized by an intense red color and permeated with calcaric stone, which makes the land work quite difficult, but gives the Istrian extra virgin olive oil its unique taste and fragrant intensity. This type of soil has a particular water storage capacity that keeps the olives from drying out during summer droughts.

Istria is one of the world’s northermost olive tree growing regions, which is certainly our great advantage in the production of high quality olive oil.

The secret lies in lower temperatures which makes the olive trees have a shorter vegetation period and the oil accumulation in its fruit begins later than in southern regions, when the period of high temperatures has passed and can no longer have a negative effect on its quality. This results in high quality extra virgin olive oil of intense flavor, aroma and elegant notes of various herbs. In addition to being proud of our region, we also take pride in our indigeneous olive variaties.

Buža, Bianchera (Istrian Bjelica), Carbonazza (Crnica), Moražola and Rožinjola (Rosulja) are olive variaties that have been planted in Istria and the area of Vodnjan for centuries. We have continued this tradition in order to show everyone the richness of this area that our ancestors left us as a legacy.

Our mission, our philosophy

Produced in Istria, based on the idea of combining old customs, modern technology and art as a vision for the future, the exquisite Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil embodies the perfect symbiosis of traditional and modern that you can now taste.

The most important turning point in the production of extra virgin olive oil on our estate, which we introduced from the very beginning, and was up until then completely unknown in our area, was an early harvest and processing just within a few hours from the harvest.

This process involves harvesting healthy olives when about one third of the fruits have changed their color, and processing them quickly, within few hours, in a modern plant using the cold press method, under a controlled atmosphere.

Such a process ensures that the olive oil remains exactly the same as it was in the fruit.

Chiavalon evoo is not only the ultimate seasoning, it is also a remedy. Once the olives are processed and the oil reaches our cellar, the way in which its is stored is of utmost importance.

3 greatest threats to quality




To avoid these big threats to affect the quality of our olive oil, we store it in stainless steel containers with inert gas, which prevents oxidation, at a constant temperature of 16C. We mastered the art of blending, combining different monovarietal extra virgin olive oils together, with our personal touch we combine fragrances and flavors to obtain our ideal blend.

Chiavalon olive mill

The Chiavalon olive mill, a project we have been working on for 6 years, has finally come to an end in October 2020. It has shortly become the new center of Istrian olive industry as a result of the cooperation and supervision of the MORI TEM s.r.l. company, who are one of the most prestigious advanced manufacturers of olive milling equipment in the World.

The high technology in use has an olive cooling system at the entrance of the plant, which guarantees that the fruit is being processed at a stable temperature between 19 and 21C during all the phases of production.

All the process takes place under controlled atmosphere without oxygen.

This site is envisioned as an educational spot for all our visitors, a place where our guests can truly experience the essence of Istria and taste the most precious liquid gold, as well as a place for testing the highest possibilities of Istrian olives and Istrian extra virgin olive oils.

JRE cooperation with CHIAVALON

JRE is an association of young restaurateurs and chefs who’s aim is to share their expertise and love for food with likeminded people. JRE chefs have a strong passion for local cuisine and produce and emphasize the importance of culinary identity and tradition.

We partnered up with the JRE Croatia and in cooperation with their chefs created a distinctive and refined extra virgin olive oil specifically for their restaurants, extremely well-balanced on the palate which enables a large variety of applications in the dishes and on the plate.

Beside Croatia, you can also find Chiavalon JRE extra virgin olive oil in all JRE Austria restaurants , as well.

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