Eco production

Currently producing organic tomato sauce.
Soon, more to be in our offer!

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Valley of the river Raša

The youngest Istrian town, Raša, was built between 1936 and 1937 under the Italian government, to serve mine workers who exploited coal in the local mine.

Up till 1935, when the irrigation system was built, the valley of the river Raša, was an infertile wetland area.

In the aftermath of the World War II, the fertile land of the valley of Raša experienced complete neglect, that is why in the summer of 2015 we decided to take a lease on 50 years for 185,5 hectars of land, to transform a completely overlooked and abandoned field, located 2 metres below the sea level, into a beautiful cultivated fertile land.

Tomato passata

The organic tomato passata is our first final product coming directly from fields of the valley of the river Raša. The organically culitivated tomatoes are usually harvested early in the morning and transformed, only after a few hours, into a tasty tomato passata.

It is a pasteurized tomato sauce, with no added sugars, salt nor spices. It retains all the beautiful natural flavor of the tomato. You can use it as a pizza topping, pasta sauce, to make soups or any kind of dips.