Ex Albis

Serving suggestions

This oil pairs perfectly with mixed vegetable salads, legumes, boiled and fried eggs, mushroom and vegetable soups, shellfish, grilled fish, white meat and various cheeses. We recommend it with all types of pasta and risotto.


Type: blend
Olive variety: Busa, Carbonazza, Istrian Bianchera, Rosignola and Morasola
Thickness: very rich texture
Color: intense green
Flavor: profound, yet at the same time very balanced piquancy and bitterness.
Aroma: intense and very elegant, enriched with harmonic notes of wild chicory, green apple, artichoke, freshly cut green grass and tomato, as well as rich balsamic notes of mint, rosemary and sage, with a distinct almond note.

Harvesting and processing

Harvesting method: combined; hand picked and using hand-held pneumatic branch shakers
Harvesting period: October
Processing method: own mill, continuous cycle, 2 phases, processed immediately after harvesting
Processing temperature: 19 – 21°C
Place of production: Vodnjan
Altitude: 80 – 180 m.a.s.l.
Region: Istria