10. 3. 2023

JRE Event at Boutique Hotel San Rocco

Presentation of JRE Guide and Selection of JRE Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023

The traditional assembly of the Croatian JRE Association was held this year as well, to among other things, select the wine and extra virgin olive oil that will be used in the kitchens of JRE restaurants throughout Croatia. The host of this two-day gathering, where the new JRE guide for 2023 was also presented, was the Boutique Hotel San Rocco in Brtonigla. Chefs, sommeliers, olive oil producers, winemakers, distillers, and other high-quality food producers gathered, united by their shared focus on top-quality ingredients.

Presentation of JRE Chiavalon blend 2023

On the first day, we presented three different blends of Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil from the 2022 harvest to the chefs of JRE restaurants in Croatia. Sandi gave them a brief lecture and tasting, discussing flavours, aromas, and combinations that could accentuate the taste and aroma of dishes, and how the oil could complement different types of cuisine.

Among the three samples, the first was of weaker intensity, the second of medium intensity, and the third with a pronounced bitter and spicy note. Chefs anonymously voted for sample number two, a blend of Buža and Rosignola. This medium-intensity, highly aromatic oil that can enhance the flavour of any food will soon be available on the tables of JRE restaurants and in our olive oil mill in Vodnjan. We believe that this blend of extra virgin olive oil will further emphasize the culinary masterpieces that can be found on the menus of all JRE restaurants.

Tasting of extra virgin olive oil Istra Croatia JRE

The second day was devoted to the presentation of the JRE Guide 2023, tastings, introducing chefs to products from Croatian producers, cooking, and showcasing the impressive skills and talents of JRE chefs.

JRE – Jeunes Restaurateurs brings together over 350 restaurants and chefs in 15 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The energy among all these participants revolves around a passion for cooking, ingredients, and the inspiration they share. They place great emphasis on local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. For this reason, we are pleased to continue strengthening our cooperation year after year and to meet new faces who are paving the way for Croatian gastronomy.

JRE Croatia Chefs

We would like to thank the association for organizing and inviting us, the Kozlović winery, which presented their JRE Malvasia 2023, and all the chefs and restaurants who participated in the selection of oil for 2023: Restaurant Korak, San Rocco, Pergola, Dubravkin put, Boba, Zijavica, Navis, Badi, Monte, LD, Pelegrini, Boškinac, Draga di Lovrana, Foša, and Plavi Podrum.