28. 11. 2023

ISTRAVIRGIN: Days of Young Olive Oil

Another amazing weekend is behind us: the Chiavalon team attended the 17th edition of the Days of Young Olive Oil. Bringing together olive growers, oil producers, culinary experts, and enthusiasts of the liquid “green gold,” a powerful symbol of Istria, Istravirgin hosted olive growers who presented their young oils from the 2023 harvest. They showcased their application in masterclasses organized by our amazing friend Hrvoje Petrić.

Our family farm received a special award for Istrian quality, the IQ award, for extra virgin olive oil. At our booth, besides tasting our fresh blends from the harvest 2023, you could also experience special cocktails with Old Pilots gin, tonic, and olive oil that we designed in collaboration with the most renowned bartender in Croatia, Filip Pleteš.

Throughout the event, we enjoyed a rich program, oil presentations, tastings of fresh olive oils from the new harvest, and purchase opportunities. Expert lectures on the oil production process and top-notch gastronomic offerings were also featured. The Days of Young Olive Oil is an opportunity to remind everyone that olive oil is not just a market product but a vital ingredient in our traditional cuisine, a crucial element of Istria’s cultural identity.

One of the highlights of the festival was a panel discussion in which Mattia Barciulli, president of the association ‘Il Magnifico’ from Tuscany, Emiliano Biaggi, president of the Club EQOO (Extra Quality Olive Oils), and Maria Paola Gabusi, panel leader and president of the prestigious competition for olive oils ‘Leone d’oro’, spoke in superlatives about the quality of Istrian olive oils.

We also acknowledged the unquestionable excellence of Istrian extra virgin olive oils, as emphasized each year by numerous awards and recognitions from prestigious competitions and evaluations worldwide.

Thanks to the entire team who tirelessly worked to entertain and engage our guests at the booth, and also, a big thank you to all dear friends, colleagues, and partners who came to visit us.