28. 3. 2024

Premio il Magnifico: OPG Chiavalon – Best Oil Hospitality in Europe

At the prestigious Premio Il Magnifico competition in Tuscany we won the award for “Best Oil Hospitality 2024” – the best oleotourism in Europe. Winning such an award in the heart of Tuscany is an immense recognition that means more to us than we can explain; it is a confirmation of our long-standing commitment to quality and excellence. Premio Il Magnifico is an “institution” for olive growing, the most recognized in these areas, and after winning the olive Oscar “Il Magnifico” two years ago and last year’s “Best of North Adriatic Region” award, this year’s recognition left us breathless.

Journey from the first tasting room to the best olive tourism in Europe: the story of Chiavalon olive oil

From the very beginnings of our journey in the world of olive growing, every step we took was guided by love and dedication with one clear goal – to share our passion for premium olive oil with the whole world. Today, with pride, we look back on the journey from opening the first olive oil tasting room in Istria in 2008 to achieving recognition on the international stage as leaders in olive tourism.

Beginnings: the first olive oil tasting room in Istria

When we opened the doors of our first tasting room, we never dreamed where this adventure would take us. It all started in 2008 when, driven by vision and enthusiasm, we opened the first olive oil tasting room in Istria. At that time, olive tourism was not a widely recognized concept, and we ourselves did not know everything we wanted and how to show it. What we did know was that through the tasting room, we wanted to create a place where we could share our knowledge, passion, and, most importantly, connect people with the true essence of olive oil. In those early days, we believed in the power of simplicity and honesty, values that continue to guide us today.

Growth and development: New Chiavalon olive mill

Our commitment to quality and innovation began to attract attention, and every step of our growth was closely connected with the support of our community. Over the years, we worked on expanding our capacities and offerings, culminating in the opening of the new olive mill in Vodnjan at the end of 2020. We see the olive mill as a kind of olive growing center where we create our olive oil, develop new ideas and products, but at the same time, it also serves as home to various tasting and educational programs that have further enriched the experience of our visitors.

Tasting extra virgin olive oil

Why is this experience so special? Well, we believe that this experience is more than just a tasting; we strive to animate, educate, and create an emotional connection for all our guests with Istria – a region proud of its olive growing heritage. Tastings take place at multiple locations, starting from the olive groves, passing through the processing plant where we explain olive oil processing and storage, then comes education on tasting and pairing oils, and ends with flavor pairing. This experience is not just an opportunity for learning but also for sharing, where each drop of our oil tells a story of Istria.

Recognition as an incentive for the future of olive tourism in Istria

The “Best Oil Hospitality 2024” award is not just our success but the success of all of you who have been with us. This recognition is a reminder of how much we have achieved together. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and to share our passion for olive oil in even more meaningful ways.

Our story would not be possible without you – our loyal customers, valuable partners, supportive families, and friends. Your support, belief in our values, and collaborative work are key to everything we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our adventure.